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Pork Pot Stickers $5.50
steamed or fried, six pot stickers
sweet and sour sauce or hot mustard sauce

Boneless Chicken Wings $8.75
ten deep fried chicken wings
bbq, teriyaki or buffalo sauce

Teriyaki Chicken $7.50
marinated chicken breast, glazed with
our sweet teriyaki sauce

Crab Puffs $7.50
cream cheese, wonton wrap, crab meat, green onions, deep fried

Fish Basket $9.75
breaded cod and fantail shrimp served with french fries and cocktail sauce

Cheese Quesadilla $6.50...with protein $10.50
crisp flour tortilla filled with melted cheddar
and monterey jack cheese, diced green chiles, red onion
and tomatoes served with sour cream, guacamole and our signature salsa
protein choices: chicken, pork, steak or shrimp



Chile Con Carne $4.50 | Bowl $8.25

Wonton Soup Cup $4.50 | Bowl $8.25

Soup of the Day Cup $3.00 | Bowl $4.50

Hot Sour Soup $4.50 | Bowl $7.50


Enhance with your choice of chicken, beef, shrimp or salmon $4.00

Tuna Salad & Hummus Combo Plate $9.50
scoop of tuna salad, hummus, toasted pita bread, cucumbers, sliced tomatoes, black olives

Strawberry Salad $7.50
mixed greens, fresh strawberries
crumbled blue cheese, julienne red onion
topped with toasted almonds in a raspberry vinaigrette

Caesar Salad $7.50
chopped romaine lettuce, tossed with our house-made caesar dressing, garlic croutons and parmesan cheese

Garden Salad $5.50
crisp greens, sliced cucumber, shaved red onion, with your choice of dressing

Chef Salad $7.50
crisp greens, julienne ham and turkey breast, hardboiled egg, tomatoes, sliced cucumber, shaved red onion cheddar cheese with your choice of dressing.

Fresh Veggie Platter $6.50
raw or steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and celery served with low fat Italian dressing

No substitutions on salads.



Warm Cashew $4.50

Potato Chips $3.25

Peanuts $3.50

Chips & Salsa $3.50


entrees served with vegetable of the day and your choice of mashed potatoes, baked potato or french fries

New York Steak $9.50
8 oz. New York steak grilled to order and topped
with garlic herb compound butter

Grilled Chicken $9.50
grilled chicken breast topped with cajun spiced creole sauce

Trout $9.50
grilled 8 oz. trout fillet, seasoned butter, lemon caper sauce, choice of char-grilled, poached or blackened

Pork Chops $8.50
two flour-dusted pork chops, oven baked to a golden brown

Atlantic Salmon $9.50 healthy option
7oz. salmon fillet, your choice of char-grilled
poached or blackened

Classic Pot Roast $8.50
fall-apart tender beef pot roast served with carrot,
celery, potatoes and onions


items served with your choice of diced fruit, cottage cheese, spinach or side salad

Grilled Chicken Breast $9.50
blackened, tandoori seasoned, or lightly seasoned with salt and pepper

Poached Trout $9.50
8 oz. trout fillet poached in our cajun seafood boil




all pastas are served with toasted garlic bread and topped with shredded parmesan cheese

Pasta with Sauce $5.50
choice of penne, rigatoni or fettuccini with marinara or alfredo sauce

Homemade Lasagne $6.50
layers of pasta, fresh marinara, italian sausage lean ground beef and three cheese

Italian Sausage Rigatoni $9.50
garlic and bell peppers with fresh marinara sauce

Spicy Chicken Alfredo $9.50
chicken breast sautéed with onions, garlic and bacon served with fresh homemade spicy alfredo sauce, fettuccini pasta 

Tuna Tomato Pasta $9.50
tuna, penne pasta, anchovies in a creamy tomato sauce


Green Beans $2.50
French Fries $2.50
Mashed Potato $2.50
Onion Rings $5.50
Side Salad $2.50
Steamed Broccoli $2.50
Brown Rice $2.50
White Rice $2.50
Strawberries $3.50

Avocado $2.50
Baked Potato $2.50
Sweet Fries $2.50
Stir Fry Vegetable $2.50
Cole Slaw $2.50
Bowl of Fruit $3.50
Whole Fruit $1.50

Cottage Cheese $2.50
Sweet Corn $2.50
Toast $1.50


dinner specials offered Sunday through Thursday | ask your server for details | $9.50


all sandwiches and burgers served with fries or potato chips
additional toppings: grilled onions, mushrooms green chiles, bacon, bleu cheese, salsa, guacamole $1.00

TSR Burger $8.50
1/2 pound ground beef patty with lettuce, tomato, red onion and the cheese of your choice on a toasted brioche bun

Mediterranean Turkey Wrap $8.50
flour tortilla, hummus, turkey, tomatoes, lettuce, feta cheese, black olives

BLT $6.50
crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on your choice of toast

Hot Dog $5.50
grilled all beef hot dog served with diced red onions cheddar cheese

Turkey Club $7.50
sliced turkey breast, avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato mayonnaise on your choice of bread

Crispy Chicken Sandwich $8.50
breaded chicken breast, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, aioli on toasted brioche bun

Reuben $8.50
corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing, served on grilled rye bread

Tuna Melt $8.50
grilled with your choice of cheese and bread


add your choice of chicken, pork, tofu, beef or shrimp $4.00 - for a total of $9.50 per entree

Kung Pao 
spicy stir fried bell peppers, onions, celery and peanuts kung pao sauce

Sweet and Sour 
onions, pineapple chunks, bell peppers, sweet and sour sauce

Chop Suey 
bamboo shoots, mushrooms, chestnuts, celery, green peppers, snow peas, soy & white sauce

Fried Rice 
peas, carrots, green onions, bean sprouts, egg, soy sauce, brown rice

Pad Thai 
rice noodles, garlic, onions, carrots, egg, peanuts, bean sprouts, pad thai sauce

Lo Mein 
bean sprouts, onions, bell peppers

Chow Mein 
egg noodles, bok choy, onions, celery, carrots, green onions, dark sauce

onions, bell peppers, ginger, mushrooms, celery, water chestnuts and bok choy with dark sauce


Classic Breakfast $7.50
two eggs any style, sausage or bacon, hash browns and toast
(2AM until Noon - no substitutions $4.50)

Croissant Egg Sandwich $5.50
fried egg, cheddar cheese, crispy bacon and a side of hashbrowns

Casino Breakfast $8.50
two eggs any style and your choice of two pancakes or french toast, and two sausages or bacon

Southwestern Breakfast Burrito $7.50
scrambled eggs, green chiles, onion, jalapeno, hash browns and monterey jack cheese, choice of bacon sausage or ham

Pancakes $3.50
three fluffy buttermilk cakes

Eggs Benedict $7.50
two poached eggs, toasted english muffin, canadian bacon with hollandaise sauce and a side of hash browns

Build Your Own Omelet $7.25
three egg omelete with your choice of any three toppings: bacon, sausage, ham, swiss cheese cheddar cheese, provolone cheese, American cheese onions, green chilies, bell peppers, diced tomatoes served with hash browns and your choice of toast

Steak and Eggs $11.00
8 oz. grilled New York steak with two eggs your way hash browns and your choice of toast

Pork Chops & Eggs $8.50
two 4oz. season flour-dusted pork chops, two eggs any style hash browns and your choice of toast

Oatmeal $3.50
brown sugar and raisins

Assorted Cereals $3.50
add banana or strawberries $1.50


Black Pepper Beef & Sugar Peas $9.50
cracked black pepper, garlic, ginger, bell pepper, onions

Mongolian Beef
julienne onions, spicy dark sauce

Happy Family 
cabbage, broccoli, carrots, water chestnuts, bell peppers, onions with chicken, beef, pork and shrimp in a spicy black bean sauce with lo mein

Grilled Thai Shrimp & Sesame Noodles 
shrimp, large noodles, spicy thai sauce and sliced cucumbers

Almond Chicken 
chicken, ginger, onions, bell peppers, chestnuts, bamboo shoots, almonds

House Fried Rice 
chicken, bbq pork and shrimp, green peas, carrots, green onions, bean sprouts, egg

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