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Audio Services

PSAV and recording services for your group's needs. Contact us to speak with an expert technician to discuss the best audio options for your event.


Audio Packages

  • Microphone (single, wired)
  • Wireless microphone
  • Breakout or small meeting room
  • Midsize meeting room
  • Large meeting room
  • Audio recording


We offer a range of high-quality microphones for different purposes, including:

  • Broadcast-quality wireless microphones with interface protection
  • Slim microphones to give the presentation an elegant corporate look
  • Specialized recording microphones to pick up the widest area possible
  • Chairman microphones with pushbutton control over other speakers


We install speaker, amplifier and mixer systems to suit the room and the audience. Every room has unique acoustics that can change with different setups. Our equalizers and effects systems will ensure clean, even sound from the back row to the front of the stage.

Small audio systems - Provide the reinforcement you need without visible or audible obstruction.

Large audio systems - Offer multiple speakers and bass enhancements that deliver concert-quality sound.


We offer experienced DJs who can set the tone and create a lively atmosphere at your event.



We can help your audience hear your program at its best with a full range of tape and digital playback formats, including CD, CDI, Minidisk, DAT, reel-to-reel and more.

Digital Audio Recording

Capturing your speakers' presentations and all of your event's important messages on CD is a powerful revenue-generating tool. It reminds attendees of meeting content and lets those who missed the event get in on the action.

The CDR420 is the right recorder to capture almost any event, and with the PMD660 it is the most reliable. From major conferences to mock trial proceedings, it will allow you to give out standard, non-erasable audio CDs.

Use digital recording to:

  • Market your event to future audiences
  • Enhance distance learning or continuing education credits
  • Archive lifelike minutes or capture a meeting's sounds
  • Promote presenters' services
  • Advance personal or professional development

Want more information? Call Ryan Martin, Director of Event Technology at 480-850-4374.