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Weekly Promotions!

Progressive Cash Drawings


Starting at 9am on Sundays, guests will earn a drawing ticket for qualifying hands (Hold'em: Flush or higher and Omaha/Stud: Full House or higher) which will be entered into the drawing drum. One (1) ticket will be drawn around the top of every hour. If the guest is present, they will win $200! If the guest is not present, the $200 will rollover to the next drawing time and added to the $200 for that hour (for example: At the 12pm drawing, the guest is not present, the $200 will be added to the 1pm drawing monies ($200) for a total of $400 for the 1pm drawing. If not claimed, the $400 will rollover to the 2pm drawing for a total progressive amount of $600)! On Sunday mornings, bonus tickets will randomly be distributed between the hours of 9am-10am, 10am-11am, and 11am-12pm, just for being an active, seated player in a jackpot funded game! Only applies to HPF funded games and pauses during sports promotions.

Jumpin' Jackpots

SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS  2:00am - 10:00am

We will add $10,000 to the Hold'em jackpot and $2,000 to the Omaha/Stud jackpot! Jackpots with added monies can only be hit once a day and will revert back to their reset amount once hit. If the jackpot does not hit, it will revert back to the posted amount before the event started. If the jackpot does hit, it will remain at it's reset amount. Only applies to HPF funded games.

Win, Place & Show

        MONDAY-FRIDAY        2:00am - 10:00am

Top three (3) high hands win money every hour! First set of high hands announced at 3am and the last set of high hands announced at 10:00am! Top high hand wins $100, second high hand wins $50, and third highest wins $25! Only jackpot funded Hold'em games are eligible.

Splash Pots


12:00pm - 1:00am

Every hour, from 12pm - 1am, we'll draw a pre-determined number of tables for $100 splash pots!! There will be a total of 60 tables selected for the day!! Only applies to HPF funded games & pauses during sports events.

Wacky Wild Wednesdays


6/6, 6/20, 7/4  12:00PM - 12:00AM

The Hold'em high hand changes every 15 minutes! First high hand announced at 12:15pm & last high hand announced at 12:00am; high hand winner receives $250!!

Omaha/Stud high hand changes every hour and the high hand wins $150; first high hand announced at 1pm! HPF games only

Wednesday Wheel Spins


5/30, 6/13, 6/27

11:00am - 2:00am!!

In Hold'em, make four 2's or higher, and in Omaha/Stud, make four 9's or better for a chance to spin the wheel to earn some extra money for you, and possibly, your table! Win $50-$500! If the spinner lands on "Jackpot" the spinner wins $500 and all qualifying, seated players at their table win $100 each! Only applies to HPF games.

Monte Carlo


12pm-6pm & 8pm-2am!

During each time frame, the following qualified hands will earn bonus money:


  • Quad 2’s - Quad 10’s will each pay $150
  • Quad Jacks - Quad Aces will each pay $200
  • Straight Flush pays $300
  • Royal Flush pays $400


  • Quad 9’s - Straight Flush pays $50 each
  • Royal Flush will pay $100.

Each hand will only pay out a bonus once per time period; however the hands will all reset at the start of the next event time period! This event supersedes the Royal Flush promotion. Only applies to HPF funded games & pauses during sports events.

Hot Seven Sizzlin' Seats

     TUESDAY-FRIDAY        2:00am - 10:00am

Top three (3) high hands win

A total of 14 hot seats!

Every hour, 2 players will be high carded to spin the wheel & win anywhere from $50 -$200 & their table will receive a $100 splash pot! If the spinner lands on JACKPOT, they will win $250, qualified players at their table will receive a $20 bonus, and the table will receive a $100 splash pot! In the event of a tie for the Hot Seat winner, it will play to suits. Only applies to HPF funded games.

Poker Tournaments

Exciting poker tournaments almost every day!

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Player Rewards Club™ Members

Players earn 500 points ($1.00) per hour played. Guests are responsible for swiping in/out with their card to receive credit. Points may be used casino-wide at restaurants, the Gift Shop and more.

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TDA rules apply to all Arena Poker Room™ tournaments.

See approved Arena Poker Room rules for event details. Offered at the Arena Poker Room at Talking Stick Resort™ (Loop 101 and Talking Stick Way) only. All participants must be 21 years of age or older to participate. Talking Stick Resort reserves the right to modify or cancel promotions at any time.

Bad Beat Jackpots

Texas Hold'em $17,500.00
Omaha / Stud $7,500.00


Poker jackpots are updated frequently but may not reflect current amounts. Please see the Arena Poker Room for real-time jackpots.

Player Rewards Club Poker Rewards

- Earn 500 points per hour of poker play
- Enjoy 5-20% restaurant discounts*
*Based on tier. Restrictions apply.

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