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A visit to a world-class spa is a time for discovery, a time to connect with yourself through wellness and health. It is also an investment of your time and in most cases an investment from your wallet. As with any investment, it is important to make sure you are getting the most out of it. But, how do you know?

The first step to any successful visit to the spa is identifying the treatment that is right for you. Getting a massage, facial or another type of treatment is obviously great for relaxation, but they also can assist with specific body ailments and skin issues. Do you have neck stiffness or lower back pain that would benefit from a Deep Tissue or Therapeutic massage? Do you want to improve your workouts and sports performances with a Pro-Sport massage or are you looking for a sensory experience where heat or essential oils may be used? Do your research and discuss your options as you make your appointment at the spa of your choice.

Once the decision has been made and the appointment has been booked use the following tips to enhance your visit:


Don’t eat a heavy meal before a treatment; it could make you feel uncomfortable during your session.

Do limit caffeine, it could make you jittery and prevent you from fully relaxing during your treatment.

Do get in the jaccuzzi tub. This will warm up your body and help calm your body, mind and spirit.

Do shower before your treatment to begin opening pore and the detoxification process.

Don’t workout before your treatment. This will only create tension with your muscles and make the therapist work harder at getting you comfortable.

Don’t shave before a treatment. For men, don’t shave before a facial and women should avoid shaving before a wrap or body treatment.

Do stretch. Light stretches before your treatment can ready your muscles for your massage.

Do drink plenty of water. If you are dehydrated, nausea or lightheadedness can occur during the massage.

Do use the restroom. Avoid unnecessary interruptions by relieving yourself before you head into your treatment.


Do unplug, leave all devices in your locker and focus on calming your mind and body. Try and leave it all behind. We don’t want you to HAVE TO THINK. Be mindful and present during treatment.

Do get comfortable. If you don’t want to undress entirely that is fine, undress to your level of comfort so you can be as relaxed as possible.

Do speak up. Don’t be afraid to let the therapist know if the pressure of the massage is too hard or too soft. It should be just right for you.

Do follow up. If your treatment was designed to address a certain issue, be sure to work with your therapist on a follow up treatment plan to ensure your goals are met.


Do eat light. A light snack following your treatment can bring up your blood sugar. Spas often provide small snacks in their waiting and relaxation rooms to be enjoyed as part of your experience.

Do steam. The spa’s steam room helps to open pores to eliminate toxins, which are released as you sweat. Fifteen to 20 minutes in the steam room is ideal.

Do drink more water. Water will help your body flush out toxins and lactic acids roused during treatments.

Don’t exercise or do anything strenuous after spending a day at the spa as you could become lightheaded.

Do soak. An at home soak with magnesium Epsom salt can further assist in the releasing of toxins. Fifteen to 20 minutes of soaking is ideal.


Do get the best deal. Now that you’re an expert in getting the most out of your visit to the spa, its time to get an amazing savings!. In Arizona, spas often offer discounts during the summer, off peak season, when travel to the state decreases.

In fact, right now is the best time to experience The Spa at Talking Stick. The spa is currently offering one of its biggest savings of the year, Luxury for Locals. Book now to save up to 35 percent off spa treatments. Call the spa at (480) 850-4065 and mention LFL1 to get a bonus offer on your service.



With more than 40 years of combined experience in the Arizona spa market., Teri Kramer and Marcia Sayles from Talking Stick Resort have become specialists in the industry. Kramer, Spa Manager for The Spa at Talking Stick, has opened and served as the director of numerous luxury resort spas throughout the Valley. She also sat on the advisory board of Arizona State University’s spa management program helping to develop curriculum in Spa Management.

Sayles started her career as a massage therapist prior to joining The Spa at Talking Stick seven years ago. Today, she is the Spa’s Assistant Manger, where she, Kramer and the spa team strive to exceed guest expectation, promote health and wellness by creating memorable experiences.  

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